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31 Jan 2018 –– Testimonials

It's time to catch up with another of our lovely tenants! Gradient Consulting work out of our Burnley business centre. Read on to find out more about them.

What does your business do?

Gradient Consulting specialises in helping companies to select and implement new business systems and improve how they work with their current systems.

How did you hear about Business First?

From other tenants.

Why did you choose to base your business here?

We came to look at the offices and decided they had a lot to offer both in terms of facilities and location.

How long have you been here?

We located here on 30 April 2010 and we now have three offices. Two are 500 sq ft each, and one is 250 sq ft.

What benefits do you get from working at Business First?

Pleasant working conditions and boardroom facilities.

Do you make use of the free facilities at Business First?

Yes occasionally, but now we have expanded our space here we have our own boardroom. Now that the new gym is open, some of our consultants will be taking advantage of this.

How has Business First helped you to run your business successfully?

Being based here means we have easy access to the motorway network for visiting clients. And the best thing about being here? It's given us the additional space to expand our employee levels.

Would you recommend Business First to other SMEs?

Yes. In fact, we have done on several occasions.

What’s next for your business?

We are concentrating on growth at the moment.

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