Business First | Introducing: Curtis Parkinson – Blackburn Centre…

Introducing: Curtis Parkinson – Blackburn Centre Manager at Business First

26 Aug 2021 –– Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Curtis, I’m the Blackburn Centre Manager here at Business First and I’ve been here for over a year and a half now.

Getting to know Curtis

I came from the health and fitness industry, so this role has been quite a big change although I’m used to facilities management involved there and sales, so I can adapt quite a lot. It’s nice and close to my house too!

I like to play golf, go to the gym and watch the football as a Blackburn Rovers supporter.

Working through the pandemic

It’s been really good here so far and we have been really busy. I started two months before we went into lockdown, so all I know at Business First has been through the pandemic, so it has been a bit of a strange one.

We didn’t lose many tenants in the Business Centre during the pandemic. Luckily and fortunately, they were able to stay with us and continue being tenants for Business First and hopefully that’s due to the service as well and everything that we provide for them.

Simply the best

The service and the quality makes Business First better than the rest, as well as the customer service we provide.

We’ve got a great location here, just off the M65 motorway and commuting to nearby towns and cities is easy.

We’ve got a boardroom, kitchen facilities, 24/7 access so you can come and go as you please. There’s no 9 till 5, you don’t have to be out of the building by 5 o’clock!

Our tenants

We’ve got quite a big square footage of tenants moving in this September, all from different areas and backgrounds.

Today we’ve got KTG Social Care moving in, welcomed by a visit from the Mayor of Blackburn. We also have an IT company moving in, who are expanding to a bigger square footage. We also have a consultancy company moving into a 500sqft, so we have a big variety of different businesses that come in.

The good thing about Business First here at Blackburn is that we have a big community feel with over 40 companies operating from here, and a lot of tenants like to work together. For example we have an IT company here from Burnley, who work with all the tenants in the Burnley Business Centre, the Blackburn Business Centre, as well as all the other centres which we have around the North West.

We started going on a walk at lunchtime with some of the tenants and then for lunch during the hot weather, which was lovely and had a real community feel to it.

Future – Space available!

We have space available here including 250 sq ft offices, which fit one to four people. We have a lot of start-ups who do like to take advantage of our smaller 250 sq ft offices as a starting base for their business.

We also have 500 sq ft which can fit four to 10 people in. Depending on the number of desks that you need, there is a lot of variety for you and options.

Special offer and getting back to normal

We have a six month, half-price offer on at the moment. It’s all on a monthly rolling, so you just have to provide a month’s notice if you do decide to vacate.

We are finding an increase in businesses and people who do want to start working from the office again, they don’t get as much done at home due to all the distractions and we are delighted to have them with us as Blackburn’s best business facility to work from!

For more information about Business First visit or if you have any questions about Business First Blackburn, call Curtis on: 01254 686 363.