Business First | Meet the team - Jenny Harper Glasgow centre manager

Meet the team - Jenny Harper Glasgow centre manager

17 Aug 2021 –– Meet the Team

Jenny Harper is our Glasgow Centre Manager, having initially joined Business First in 2019. We caught up with Jenny to discuss everything from her favourite tenants to her plans for the future.

How busy are you at Business First Glasgow?

We’ve been full since January. During the pandemic we had three clients move in and one of those was a tenant who left, and someone moved in the next day - the enquiries were coming in thick and fast.

How do you find tenants?

We have our own marketing team who work really hard on our website, ensuring that it’s always to the top of Google - we get the most enquiries from that. We also use brokers such as Rightmove, Officio, Easy Offices, Instant Offices.

What were your plans when you joined in 2019?

When I joined in 2019 my goal was to fill the centre. This was the first time I’d worked in this industry, so they took a bit of a chance on me and I was so grateful. My goal was then to get it filled and make everybody happy. Now that it's filled, it's more about networking.

What networking do you do and are there opportunities to facilitate that here at Business First in the future?

I go to a regular networking event on Thursdays called Virtual Coffee at The Castle.

My next goal is to start bringing in those networking people and get them to meet the tenants and then grow their network from here rather than have to go anywhere else for that.

We'll use the boardrooms and have networking meetings in there, even if it’s us facilitating one-to-one meetings, because some people will prefer that.

It would be great to start having networking events here - once a month having a nice get together would just be fantastic. Sarah and Caroline are so up for it, so it's great to just have that bit of freedom.

What has made your time so successful here?

I feel so supported here and have been allowed to get on with it. It's been really great. Honestly, they have to put their trust in me because I'm the one that's here every day and I really do feel that.

Which of your tenants are the most interesting?

All of them are interesting! But Spacetalk Watch are one of my favourites, they do watches for children that allow you to send texts and take phone calls, and also as a parent allows you to track them.

If you're at the park, you can set the park as a safe zone and if they go out of that safe zone, you get a ping to your phone to let you know.

They've just launched a watch for the elderly, so that their children can keep an eye on them. One of the Store First tenants whose dad had been found wandering a few times, got one of the watches to be able to find him quickly. That was amazing and he'll tell you that himself.

They're definitely my favourite to talk about because it's just so helpful to a lot of people.

We've got Scottish Huntington's Association, and they have two offices with us and run a small part of their NHS operation out of here. It’s going out to meet the people with Huntington's and establish what they need.

They always have their fundraising team here, which is amazing, they do some incredible things and they're actually organising a group to go on a Kiltwalk.

So we do a lot but I love all my tenants!

What other businesses do you have here?

We've got facilities companies, accountants, marketing companies and many more.

Blacktide Marketing is one of those companies - they sold a decent bottle of whisky for about nine hundred pounds and they started their business. It just blows me away, things like that.

PlanB Consulting, they put your plan B in motion. So before the pandemic, they would have been the people that got your business ready for a pandemic - just nobody expected it. So now they are now working their way through businesses, putting those plans in place.

For more information about Business First visit or if you have any questions about Business First Glasgow, call Jenny on: 0141 433 7915